About us

Our stated focus is on publishing articles related to economics and finance that are not of a news character. The magazine especially covers topics such as fintech, greentech, crypto, igaming, trading and digital economics. The magazine publishes its own material as well as texts from other journalists, media agencies and companies.

Ekonomitidningen mainly offers native advertising through sponsored articles and articles in collaboration with companies. We consider this to be a smart and appealing way of advertising in our magazine and adequate marketing in modern times. As more and more people have ad blocking (adblock) on their devices and can not assimilate regular display ads, native advertising is an effective way to speak to the target group. The ads appear directly in our news feed and arouse the reader’s interest and engage them. The ads naturally blend into the journalistic content and therefore they are not perceived as intrusive advertising.

For more information about advertising, please use e-mail: info@ekonomitidningen.se

The magazine is free to read for visitors and has no paywalls. Revenue is generated through ads. The magazine is mainly run by Christian Lagström, who also runs Tidningen Fordon och Finans www.fordonfinans.se with approximately 11,000 unique readers each month.